Biggest Bridgerton transformations: see how the cast has changed since season one

Dearest gentle reader, how times have changed since our first soirée in The Ton. Following its inception in 2020, fans have swooned in delight as diamond of the season Daphne bagged herself a Duke and enemies Kate and Anthony fanned the flames of love. 

Now, it’s time to watch as perennial wallflower Penelope Featherington blooms into the rarest of flowers, capturing the attention of one Mr Colin Bridgerton. 

Oh reader, there’s no doubt about it, so much has changed with every social season, including the fashion, haircuts and character arcs of our dashing suitors and debs. Here, we take a look at their unbelievable transformations… 

Split image of Penelope Featherington in seasons 1 and 3 of Bridgerton© Netflix

Penelope Featherington aka Nicola Coughlan

After hiding in the shadows, Penelope Featherington is finally stepping into the light, which felt like a “Pretty Woman moment” for Nicola Coughlan

Speaking to the New York Times, the show’s lead hair and makeup designer Erika Ökvist detailed Pen’s transformation from seasons one to three. “In season one, she’s supposed to be the wallflower that literally falls into the wall: You can’t see her. Season two, she’s trying to become a woman, so we’re using quite round shapes, accentuating the roundness of her eyes.” 

By season three, the makeup team had a very specific vision. “To make her eyes more siren-like, as it were, we’re using more angular lines — her eyes look more almond, less round and innocent,” recalled Erika. 

Using her wardrobe to reflect her character development, Penelope has also been given a pared-back wardrobe, straying from the bright citrus hues that her mother Portia demanded in place of romantic pastel hues and waist-cinching silhouettes. 

Penelope’s hair has become a major talking point too – long gone are the days of tight poodle curls from the Featherington box of tricks. Fans are already marvelling over the heroine’s softer Kiss curls and longer locks, which depict how far she’s come; ready to break away from her family’s expectations.

Colin Bridgerton in seasons one and three© Netflix

Colin Bridgeton aka Luke Newton

Colin Bridgerton’s transformation is the talk of The Ton! Taking the reins for season three, the character’s return from his travels has inspired some major changes. “It was definitely about Colin returning with a new sense of confidence, a new sense of swagger,” noted showrunner Jess Brownell. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jess explained that Luke worked with different departments to show that his character had grown up after all these years. This time around, the costume team dressed Colin in a darker colour palette, signifying his maturity while ditching the playful pastels of yore. 

After growing out his hair and sideburns ahead of filming, Luke also began training rigorously at the gym, reflecting Colin’s growth as a character by giving him a more muscular frame. 

Anthony Bridgerton in seasons one and three of Bridgerton© Netflix

Anthony Bridgerton aka Jonathan Bailey

Known as the dominant and dastardly brother of Daphne Bridgerton, Anthony’s icy exterior has been melted by his beloved wife, Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). 

When fans were first introduced to the Viscount, the character was deliberately dressed in darker colours because he was a lot more serious, notes costume designer Sophie Canale. But, by season two the crew had matched his colour palette to Kate’s, garbing the pair in blues and purples to symbolise the journey they’re on together. 

Jonathan’s hair was also switched up for seasons two and three, deviating from the longer cut and severe sideburns that emulated Anthony’s late father. As of seasons two and three, the character is clean-shaven and sporting a shorter hairstyle, symbolising his new-found confidence and individuality. 

Eloise Bridgerton in season one vs season three© Netflix

Eloise Bridgerton aka Claudia Jessie

Miss Eloise Bridgerton is one of the show’s most courageous characters, with her wardrobe reflecting her inability to simply blend into society.

During season one, the costume department wanted Eloise’s dresses to contrast with Daphne’s, depicting how different the two sisters really are. For costume designer, Ellen Mirojnik, the aim was to present the character as a creative rather than a conformist. 

“She resisted society, either with the length of her dresses or the simplicity of how she presented herself and the tailored-ness of her clothes compared to all the other women in the show,” Ellen told HelloGiggles.  

Eloise’s transformation is telling yet subtle; more time has been given to her hair and makeup in seasons two and three, but the heroine always retains a modern edge, refusing to abide by the changing trends of The Ton.  

In a 2024 interview with Vogue, costume designer Ellen opened up about Eloise’s style in season three. “We do get to see her in some things that she wouldn’t normally have worn before. We got to break out of her stiffer clothes, and give her bows and ruffles, but it feels tailored rather than fussy. 

“We try to keep her in a truer Regency style, but there are also references to Audrey Hepburn – there’s something almost ’60s about her long satin coats. We nod to My Fair Lady, and we even use pointed, modern shoes on her to give her that slightly more modern look.”

Split image of Benedict in season one vs three of Bridgerton© Instagram

Benedict Bridgerton aka Luke Thompson

The Bridgerton brothers are very different indeed. For Benedict, who is yet to lead his own love story, the character was far more concerned with his artistic journey in season one, which is reflected in his costumes. 

“He’s quite distinctive in his colour palette and also the choice of fabrics for his waistcoats, which were different from the [other] men’s costumes,” costume designer Sophie Canale told Pop Sugar

Judging by the first look photos for season three, Benedict’s costumes have remained distinctly bold, with the brother sporting colourful floral waistcoats that contrast with Anthony and Colin’s minimalist satin designs. 

Interestingly, however, Benedict has been pictured in a similar colour palette to his brothers, which could suggest that he’s following in his brother’s footsteps. Who knows, perhaps we’re looking at the Bridgerton sibling who’ll lead season four?





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