Miami Beach Police Department Unveils New Rolls Royce Cop Car (Video)

The Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) is excited to announce a new addition to their recruitment efforts—a beautifully crafted Rolls Royce vehicle sponsored by Braman Motors.

This partnership with Braman Motors underscores a mutual commitment to excellence. The vehicle, a standout piece in the Braman Motors’ fleet, has been generously sponsored, covering all associated costs in compliance with the City of Miami Beach (CMB) Policy.

We are thrilled to showcase this vehicle as a beacon of our rigorous standards and the professional environment that awaits new recruits. Joining the MBPD means becoming part of a select group that values precision, dedication, and a proactive approach to community safety.

Interested in being part of our elite team? We encourage potential recruits to learn more about the opportunities and benefits of a career with MBPD. Click the link in our bio for more details and see how you can contribute to our mission of serving and protecting with pride.

This collaboration with Braman Motors not only enhances our recruitment efforts but also connects us more closely with the community we protect. It’s more than a recruitment tool; it’s a step forward in fostering strong community relations and upholding the spirit of trust and excellence in Miami Beach. Join us and be a part of shaping the future of public safety!


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