Stephen A. Smith Suggests Phoenix Suns Should Trade Kevin Durant to the Los Angeles Lakers [Video]

Stephen A. Smith often has some questionable takes, but Monday morning, he took his theories to another level. As ESPN had to fill up their show with different topics this morning, the potential of a new destination for Kevin Durant was reoccurring. Kendrick Perkins believes the Miami Heat would be the ideal destination for Durant; some say it may be New York.

Smith mentioned that a reason the Suns need to be dismantled is that Durant is unhappy. Sources have said that throughout the season, Durant kept to himself, and he is said to be unhappy. Smith mentioned that reportedly, Durant even went a month without talking to former head coach Frank Vogel.

Durant and the Phoenix Suns were destroyed by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the NBA Playoffs this season and questions about the team’s personnel began the day after. At 35 years old Durant does not have much time to waste as he tries to win his third ring and make his fifth NBA Finals appearance.

When Smith was asked about his perfect Durant, he believed that one of the greatest scorers ever should go play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles.

An alluring and interesting take: check out the clip of Smith from this morning below.


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